How to Carve Rocks is ABOUT You!

It is about helping you to learn how to carve rocks ,safely and confidently.

We both Win by sharing knowledge!

I started with safety fist because it is at the forefront of all the tools,materials and techniques of everything you’ll learn here. Check out my safety page more continued updates as you progress in you quest to learn how to carve rock.

Confidence in yourself is important!

You will make mistakes and you will break tools and projects. It is all part of the process while learning and expanding your techniques.

A little about me.

My name is Ken R Cox. A self made artisan that started 20 years ago designing and creating projects.

Over these years I have worked with glass,metal,wood,clay and of course stones and rocks.

I don’t care much for the saw dust from wood and the extreme hot parts of metal working. So I did not pursue those materials or incorporate them into my art projects.

Now not to sound like and whiner and complain further,but I will,at least about sandblasting glass. Oh what a wonderful craft! I love sandblasting glass. Creating and designing projects on glass is so full-filling. So you ask: what’s problem with glass. It’s the clean up. When your finished with a piece it takes the utmost care to keep from scrathing it. And becuse I don’t do it anymore I’m done with the whining.

This leads me to rocks.

All in all rocks are easy to work with and learn to carve. They are much more forgiving when making mistakes.

Once you learn tools, techniques ,design and overall ease of carving rocks you too will fall victim to this addictive hobby!

With that I say. ROCK ON!!!

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