What do you need to start carving, polishing rocks, and working with rocks?

Below is a short,yes short list of things you’ll what to start learning and and investing in.

It’s not a fully inclusive list, only a list to begin your journey into rock carving, collecting, and work with rocks and tools.

I’ll detail these items through pages and posts, so don’t worry that it is not all spelled out here. I’ll get to it. Good things take time.

  • Tools:
  • Set up
  • Yardonite is simply rocks you may find in your yard.
  • Free
  • Burrs, bits,grinding stones,diamond wheels,sand disks,polishing pads.
  • Water,drip system,spray system,dip system.sponge brush,brush system
  • Space,your work area,shop,studio,desk,tabletop,picnic bench
  • Respiratory,Masks,N95,paper,full face,cloth
  • Gfi, power outlet for working around water,
  • Brushes,soft hard,metal,nylon
  • Picks,wood,metal plastic
  • Hand Sandpaper,silicone carbide,aluminum oxide,dry vs wet, grits from course to very fine
  • Flex shaft,Foredom,Dremel,off brands
  • Speed,how fast should I go?or Slow
  • Foot controls,once you get into it this is the way to go.
  • safety glasses,face shield
  • Polishing,waxes,diamond,sanding,power disks,
  • Painting,types of paint,how to apply
  • Bees wax,clear coats,enamels,lacquer,hobby,acrylic
  • Heat & Sun,effects on your finish
  • Wire vs. plastic bristle brush 

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