How to install the 36″ Flex Shaft on a Dremel 4000

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Make your rock carving easier!

How to install the 36″ Flex Shaft on a Dremel 4000.

This video will show you how quick and easy it is to attach a Dremel flex shaft to your Dremel rotary tool.

The Dremel Flex-Shaft Attachment is a great addition to your Dremel rotary tools. The 36 in. shaft is great for rock and stone carvers who like to use water while carving and grinding. Like most of Dremel rotary tools, the shaft has a built-in shaft lock for changing burrs and bits.

The flex shaft only takes a couple of minutes to set up and will cost you around $25.

Installation only Takes a couple of Minutes.

This video is about 1:20 long however I did cut it down for clarity. By the time you get everything set up, unpackaged and loosen the huts it’ll take a bit longer.

One of the most common problems is that the collars tend to get tight over time of use.Sooo you’ll spend a little time get them loose.

To accomplish this a small pair of channel lock style pliers will come in handy. Here a photo for comparison of the style. It doesn’t need to be this exact type, just something similar.

Round collars and square Collars.

The Dremel 4000 has a round opening where the burrs and bits are inserted. The Flex Shaft has a square opening which the flex shaft cable fits in.

To describe further bits and burrs have a round shaft of various sizes and the Dremel collar that comes with the Dremel has a collet that works with the collar to make a tight grip and hold the bits while that Dremel is spinning at 30,000 rpm (rotations per minute).

The square collar does not require a addition collet. The square flex cable and square collar wok together.

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