How to Carve Rocks

one of my First trys
Sandstone Carved with a Dremel.

One of the best ways to start is “JUST START”

Go out to your yard and pick up a rock. Take it into a work space and Bam,you are going to create something.

Different tool bits, Different tool speed, Different ways to hold the tool. NO pressure to be good at it right now, YOU’VE learned something!!!

I promise that every time you put that tool bit to the rock you’re gonna learn something.

Every bit has a different cut to it.Round bits, teardrop bits, pointed tip, flat square, round edge disk all searve a specfic purpose.

Every time you change the speed on your tool you’ll get a different result.

When you start learning all the variations and capabilities of rock carving you’ll be ready to take it to the next level.

I want to reiterate that it does not matter in the beginning how your first few rock projects turn out. You are practicing the craft of rock carving.

You are going to break stuff!

It’s a fact,stuff happens.

I remember my set of Dremel bits that came with the kit. You know,the orange and green ones. Or maybe even the metal ones? Yup I broke ’em all.

Live and learn! I quickly moved onto diamond bits. Living on a budget like the rest of us I bought one at a time as I could afford them and practiceed with what I had.

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