Rock Carving Work Station

one of my First trys
Dremel accessories within reach
Rock carving work station.
Newly built
So Here is my rock carving work station. Brand new, nice and clean. That changed quickly.

Here you see the original Version 1 of my rock carving work station. I have already made changes to it to make it a more productive safe solution to the minimally annoying hazards of rock carving.

I took an old sandblasting cabinet and turned it into a rock carving cabinet. I was really tired of getting water mud and rock chips flying into my face and all over my shop. I also hate dust so I can use an exhaust fan or shop vacuum while I am carving or grinding on rocks.

rock carving station
Top left view of where I like to hang out in my off time from the day job!

Above is a view of my workstation. The complete area is laid out for comfort while rock carving. I am within reach of my computer, the cabinet and all of the Dremel accessories and tools.

rock carving station lighting
Exaggerated view of the lighting inside my rock carving cabinet.
Dremel accessories within reach
The right view shows where I set up all my burrs and bits. I store everything in a fishing tackle box.

Here is a closer view of the rock carving work station, as you may see everything I need while carving is within reach. The exaggerated view of the light was a photo for fun. While it seems the light is blowing out into my face it’s really not. Its a really soft dimmminableLED light that does a great job of lighting up the interior workspace of the cabinet.

rock carving station top view
Top view of the work area. Its glass top keeps me dry and clean when I’m getting down and dirty rock carving.
rock carving station inside view
A better view of the inside. Showing the water system, Dremel Fortiflex, turntable and small rock vise.

Inside the cabinet, I have the water flow system with a water valve to allow me to control how much water is flowing during the different stages of rock carving.

When I am starting and doing heavy material removal or cleaning, Ill let the water flow freely.

While carving detail work, I can slow the flow to a drip. Slowing the flow helps to see detail lines a little more clearly. When the water is flowing fast, it obscures the view of the lines somewhat like a magnifying glass.

I designed the layout of tools and accessories for comfort, just like I designed the outside area. It’s all easily accessible without extreme hand and arm movement, after sitting and carving rocks for awhile Ii like to have everything right at my fingertips.

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